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RMREvent - OPL32 Framework Program
(All Symbian OS V5.0 Platforms except Osaris)

A couple of years ago I released the 'core' of S5Bank into the public domain, through Steve Litchfield's Home Page, to try and help anyone programming in OPL 32 for the first time. Although I didn't intend to support it, there has been enough positive feedback to convince me that this might be useful to more people, and I found myself continually refining it, and also using it myself for my new programs. Also, there were a couple of problems with it that needed fixing. As a result, I have decided to go for a wider, more formal release and offer limited support. Since then I have also upgraded it to reflect new things I have learnt.

Basically the program is just a framework that carries out most of the actions that you will require, and calls procedures that just put a message on the screen telling you what has happened. In theory, all you need to do is put your own code inside those procedures and you will have a working program.  Now obviously it is not going to be that easy, but then that is the joy of programming :-))

For a tutorial examining how the code works in detail, see Steve Litchfield's OPL Beginners series

At present the program supports the following:

Background to changes and enhancements:

V1.1 Gave auto vertical-scaling to give Geofox-One support and also changed the Event Handler slightly to allow it to work on the Geofox-One.  (V1.0 didn't remove the drag option, which didn't matter too much with the pen, but does with the pointer)
V1.2 Incorporated the option of having a 'Hot-key' combination to bring the program to the foreground (my thanks to Phil Spencer for this piece of code), and adds a mini-text-editor option to demonstrate the use of the new dEDITMULTI command.
V1.3 Incorporated some example code for datafile handling under Symbian OS V5.0 DBMS.
V.1.4 Just had a few cosmetic changes to make it easier to understand.
V1.5 Just fixed a bug in the Toolbar switching routine
V1.6 Added a sample 'Yes/No' dialog to the third toolbar button and added an icon to the main screen (guess which icon :-) ) to show the use of the gBUTTON command
V1.7 Added graphical printing
V1.8 A special release that is used with RMRRCG, our Resource Code Generator
V1.9 Changes the Hot key code following advice from Symbian
V2.0 Adds support for the Revo, Revo+, the Geofox, the Osaris, the Series 7 and netBook (with colour)

Hope you find it useful, let me know if you can think of any improvements

Feel free to E-Mail me about it, but I reserve the right to put you at the end of the queue if I am busy with people sending me money :-))


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