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Analysis Program for Rover MEMS Systems            

MEMSAnalyser is a program to analyse the Rover MEMS 1.6 as fitted to Rover cars in the early to mid 90s, and also in the Robin Hood Superspec Kit car.    It uses a logging program called MEMSLogger to produce a data log file while driving and then post-drive it analyses up to 50 parameters from the data file and displays them in a graphical format.

Acknowledgement:  MEMSLogger uses a program called readmems.exe written by Colin Bourassa  as part of his program called MEMSGauge, which provides a real-time display of the ECU parameters (see http://alum.wpi.edu/~colinb/rover-mems-16-diagnostic-protocol.html for details).  My thanks for his help and allowing me to use the program.

Hardware Requirements

To use MEMSLogger you need to connect a laptop to the ECU.  This requires a special cable called a USB to TTL Converter, and the appropriate ECU Connector.  Full details of the cable required and how to build it are contained at Colin's website shown above and also at http://memsdiag.blogspot.co.uk/ the site for a program called MEMS_Diag, which does a similar job to MEMSGauge but is designed for the Android Mobile Operating System.





Program Information

Program name MEMSAnalyser
Current version 1.0
Release date 2016
Languages available English
Author Al Richey
Platforms Windows

Program History

V1.0      Initial Release

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